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Trade Finance & Lines of Credit


Relationships are paramount when it comes to scaling your business. If you have worked hard and built a successful model, and require a helping hand to smooth logistics, manufacturing, cash flow or a bespoke facility to help you to acquire or build assets, stock and / or extend revenue, then please do get in touch to see what options may be available to you.

We have excellent financial connections and will work with you and your team, to make your visions a reality, with long term collaboration and growth in mind, creating win-win scenarios.

Why is trust important? Well, you could have the most robust business model, but it is still a matter of trust to locate the right execution partners for you. The ones that will take you seriously, to reflect your efforts and progress. 


With our extensive knowledge in the funding, trade finance and investment sectors, we are keen to share, grow and thrive with you, so please do get in touch for an informal and private discussion.

LEGAL NOTICE: Carter & Co. / The Carter Family Office are not regulated by the FCA. We do not offer financial advice. We recommend seeking your own independent advice on all content and offerings before deciding. We offer / facilitate unregulated products, and facilitation to regulated products and services where necessary via our strategic partners. We accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information, or any subsequent damages. All content contained within is subject to variation.


Image by Christian Wiediger

By far the most widely utilised instrument in trade, a Letter of Credit is considered a primary option, in terms of payment.

Letters of Credit are often essential to both scaling businesses and for expanding and maintaining the smooth flow of trade; and are ideal due to the lesser number of conditions placed on their use.


As such, LOCs are a very useful tool in the commercial arsenal, and can be seen as the oil within the machine.

As long as track record, good credit, and appropriate scaling plans are available, an LOC can be ideal to help your business grow.


Carter & Co. utilise market leading partners to deliver on your business financing and trading needs, with solid track record, and integrity, to provide the right funding lines for your organisation.

If you require a Letter of Credit, then please do get in touch to arrange an informal and discreet discussion.


Image by Ian Taylor

Similar to a Letter of Credit, an SBLC is a secondary payment instrument, as the name suggests. It is an instrument that is held on standby in case the primary form of payment fails.

There are important distinctions however, and although both LOCs and SBLCs have their place in facilitating the security and comfort required in both domestic and international trade, the Standby Letter of Credit is often more expensive to obtain, as it is there to guarantee payment if anything goes wrong.

As such, SBLCs are often employed to give comfort to longer term trade, such as ongoing projects or contracts.


They usually have more conditions attached in terms of their scope of use, and require collateral to be provided to the issuing bank.

Carter & Co. can help extend your reach in terms of building financial capability around your organisation. Enquire now to see how our relationships can help boost yours.


  • As well as our property and development background, we have access to a wealth of capital sources, such as private family offices, institutions, funds & HNW individuals generally not available in the public domain; whom we can utilise to get you the most favourable funding options for your project(s).

  • Raising funds is all about trust and relationships, and this is where we will leverage our relationships, as well as incorporate solid analytical practises via our affiliated providers, in order to maximise your chances of raising the capital you need to grow.

  • As part of our strategy and commitment to building up long-term relationships with clients, we will also encourage and leverage all parties, to the effect of building and maintaining new funding lines, which is vital for securing the right capital, at the right time, for your organisation or project.

  • We may also engage personally, on a case-by-case basis, depending on our appetite, and usually after sight of past performance with our trusted partners. We may consider equity shares, or other deal structures.

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