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Fund Raise - Debt, Equity & VC


Carter & Co. can assist with a wide variety of funding requirements, ranging from property development finance to large project or organisation funding across all sectors.

We have excellent financial connections and will work with you and your team, to make your visions a reality, with long term collaboration and growth in mind, creating win-win scenarios.

We can either partner with you directly, bring in the right partner from our trusted network, which includes access to HNW and private funds, as well as facilitate through our funding partners - all depending on the requirement. 


With our extensive knowledge and experience in the property, development and investment sectors, we are keen to share, grow and thrive with you, so please do get in touch for an informal and private discussion.

LEGAL NOTICE: Carter & Co. / The Carter Family Office are not regulated by the FCA. We do not offer financial advice. We recommend seeking your own independent advice on all content and offerings before deciding. We offer / facilitate unregulated products, and facilitation to regulated products and services where necessary via our strategic partners. We accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information, or any subsequent damages. All content contained within is subject to variation.

Listed Debt Securities

Analyzing the Markets

When it comes to raising large debt, there is often no replacement for well formed Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) - which are unsecured listed debt securities.

Quality structures and meticulous methodology are paramount to success, along with attaining the right cornerstone investor(s), and of course packaging, listing market and syndication.


All factors go hand in hand; with success and strategy being co-dependent on one another.


Carter & Co. utilise market leading partners to deliver on your debt raise, with solid track record, and of course the appropriate level of guidance throughout the entire process.

We can consider new or existing bond structures, as long as there is flexibility and commitment from the borrower.

If you are planning a large debt raise, then please do get in touch to arrange an informal and discreet discussion.

Direct Funding

Financial Advisor

Direct Funding is a dual meaning proposition. One being funding directly with identified investors, and the other, similarly, via a Funding Platform, but again with identified investors.


Funding Platforms will often utilise further curation, syndication and relationship management factors, as well as solid analysis, in order to secure the right type of funds / partners, in a reasonable timeframe - matching the appetite evolving from the mandates issued by investors; from family offices to Sovereign wealth funds.

Essentially, the role of a high performance Funding Platform is to fill the mandates with opportunities that fit, and guide that process to successful completion. It is a highly specialised area, and is based on solid relationships, trust and the right teams to put your opportunity in the spotlight, inviting incoming investment. Carter & Co. partner with a number of diversified Funding Platforms with the appropriate track record. 

If you are serious about raising capital for your organisation or project, then please do get in touch for an informal discussion. 


  • As well as our property and development background, we have access to a wealth of capital sources, such as private family offices, institutions, funds & HNW individuals generally not available in the public domain; whom we can utilise to get you the most favourable funding options for your project(s).

  • Raising funds is all about trust and relationships, and this is where we will leverage our relationships, as well as incorporate solid analytical practises via our affiliated providers, in order to maximise your chances of raising the capital you need to grow.

  • As part of our strategy and commitment to building up long-term relationships with clients, we will also encourage and leverage all parties, to the effect of building and maintaining new funding lines, which is vital for securing the right capital, at the right time, for your organisation or project.

  • We may also engage personally, on a case-by-case basis, depending on our appetite, and usually after sight of past performance with our trusted partners. We may consider equity shares, or other deal structures.

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